Why CLAIMCHECK? Broussard’s Mortuary

After years of processing insurance assignments in-house, Chelsey Ayers and her team of office administrators were ready for a change. The staff at Broussard’s Mortuary spent hours every week calling insurance companies, filling out paperwork, and trying to get updates on policies – instead of serving families.

Finally, Broussard’s Mortuary decided enough was enough – it was time to find a better solution. It was time to switch to CLAIMCHECK.

Read more to learn about how CLAIMCHECK made insurance assignments easier for Chelsey and her team.

How did Broussard’s first learn about CLAIMCEHCK?

We’ve used Passare for a long time and love it, so when we heard that Passare has an integration with CLAIMCHECK, we were eager to test it out. We integrated CLAIMCHECK into our processes with our administration staff, and it has been a very positive experience. We have a lot of insurance assignments that we work with, so the ease of use and outstanding customer service CLAIMCHECK offers is very helpful.

Why was processing insurance assignments in-house so challenging?

It wasn’t a process we enjoyed. Our office administrators and I would call insurance companies, get the paperwork they needed, take notes, and follow up to see where they were in verifying the policy. Everything with insurance companies moves slowly, so we would have to block out an hour every day to get it done. Plus, we’d have to remember what hours to call an insurance company if they were in a different time zone or if it was a holiday. That delays us, that delays the family getting their funds, and it’s an extensive process. There weren’t a lot of benefits or positives to handling our assignments ourselves.

Do you have any horror stories of insurance assignments gone wrong?

There was one time that we didn’t even get paid by the insurance company for an assignment. It was an insurance company that did things a little bit differently, and they ended up paying the funds to the children without the assignment instead of us. We assumed we would receive payment, but that didn’t happen because we weren’t familiar with the insurance company and how they did things. So, we ended up waiting a long time for a payment that never came, and all the while, our business was still moving forward. It made things financially difficult for a little bit.

How did handling insurance assignments in-house impact other parts of your business?

Spending so much time on insurance assignments kept us from focusing on families and efficiency. We could have spent more time working closer with our families because when you dedicate so much time to working with insurance companies, that time has to come from somewhere. We could have been more efficient in running our funeral home instead of sitting on the phone for a 2-3 minute answer. That’s what’s great about CLAIMCHECK. They allow us to be more efficient and help our families better.

Has CLAIMCHECK made processing insurance assignments easier? How so?

They’ve helped out quite a bit, just in the sense that CLAIMCHECK takes our stress levels down, especially when it comes to filling out the correct forms. Most insurance companies have different forms to fill out, which can be stressful. With CLAIMCHECK, all the forms we fill out at the beginning of an assignment are the same, so we know what information CLAIMCHECK will need to get started. Then, CLAIMCHECK takes care of a lot of the paperwork behind the scenes, making things much easier for us. All the little check-in emails CLAIMCHECK sends us are very helpful. They let us know the status of a policy, which saves us time because we don’t have to spend hours on the phone looking for an answer that takes a few minutes to tell us.

What is your favorite benefit of using CLAIMCHECK?

Oh, gosh, it has to be their customer service! They’re always so pleasant and willing to help – like Chick-fil-A employees! Even if somebody isn’t available or able to get us the answer we need, they always find someone who can help us. I think that’s a big deal because they constantly want to help you. I never dread calling CLAIMCHECK because I know I’ll get the answer I’m looking for, and I’ll talk to someone nice, polite, and eager to help me. It’s so nice to work with nice people.

Would you recommend CLAIMCHECK to another funeral home?

I would recommend CLAIMCHECK because they are easy to use, always accessible, efficient, and more than willing to help. Working with people who genuinely enjoy what they do is a big deal. They enjoy helping people. As funeral professionals, that’s what we do. We enjoy helping people at our business, so to see other people willing to do that for us, as well, is nice.

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