One Easy Way to Protect Your Funeral Home’s Finances

Caring for families is the most important part of your job, and we couldn’t agree more. But there’s more to your job as a funeral professional than caring for families.

Another important responsibility you have is making sure your funeral home’s finances are protected and in good shape so your funeral home can be around to serve future generations.

To protect your funeral home’s finances, you have to avoid common mistakes that could hurt your bottom line – like processing insurance assignments yourself.

We understand you may want to process insurance assignments yourself to help families. But the truth is, insurance assignments create a cash crunch and a ton of paperwork for your funeral home.

After a long day of serving families, the last thing you want to do is process a stack of insurance claims. And even if every i is dotted and every t is crossed, getting paid can still take six weeks (or longer)!

Plus, a claim may still be denied because of some unforeseen issue with the policy, causing an even longer delay in payment.

But an insurance assignment service can protect your funeral home’s cash flow.

The right insurance assignment partner knows all the ins and outs of insurance policies, works directly with insurance companies, and ensures your bottom line never takes a hit.

In this clip from Funeral Directors Life podcast FD Talks, CLAIMCHECK’s Nadene Smith explains how handling insurance assignments yourself can hurt your funeral home and why choosing the right insurance assignment partner is your answer.

Nadene: “If a funeral home is doing their own insurance assignments, they’re having extra challenges with getting funerals funded. That means they may not get paid for a funeral for 40, 60, or 90 days. But they still had to pay their vendors for a funeral to happen. So, that means the funeral home is doing business expecting to get paid 3 months from now.

“Most businesses can’t function like that.”

But here’s the good news — your funeral home can easily avoid this problem.

Partnering with an insurance assignment service can give you peace of mind and relieve financial stress.

Nadene: “What I hear from funeral homes is they’re stressed, they need more help, and they don’t want to deal with the stress of working with insurance companies. That’s where a service like CLAIMCHECK and insurance assignment services makes all the sense in the world.

“We can take that stress off of the funeral home so they can do what they do best, and that’s work with families and help families navigate during their time of greatest need.” (Watch the full podcast here)

You + CLAIMCHECK = Protected finances and stress-free assignments

Your funeral home excels at caring for families. So, make sure your funeral home is around for years to come.

Request a demo today to see how CLAIMCHECK can keep your funeral home’s cash flow positive, vendors paid, and bottom line healthy. And you can get back to your families.

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