3 Ways a Funeral Funding Company Can Improve Your Service to Families

As your funeral home looks to another year of serving your community, you want to ensure that your care for families is better than ever.

But if you’re spending all your time on other parts of your business – like insurance assignments – then families won’t get the excellent level of service that your funeral home is known for.

From spending hours on the phone with insurance companies to waiting months to receive funds, your funeral home can’t best serve families by handling assignments in-house.

Find a funeral funding company to do the heavy lifting with insurance assignments, help you save time, and give you peace of mind knowing that your funding is in good hands.

Here are 3 ways a funeral funding company can improve your service to families.

1. Quick Funeral Funding

Your finances are an important part of your business, and you cannot afford to wait weeks or months to get paid.

Keep your funeral home’s cash flow positive by partnering with a company that cares about your bottom line. At CLAIMCHECK, we understand that you need to get funded quickly. That’s why almost 90% of assignments we receive get verified and funded within 3 business days.

When you let us handle the funding, you can focus on providing quality service to families.

2. Reduced Workload

As a funeral professional, you wear many hats and have a substantial workload.

Spending hours on the phone with insurance companies and stressing over the time it takes to process assignments can take a toll on you and your staff.

There are only so many hours in the day, and those hours should be spent prioritizing the direct needs of the family. Protect your staff’s time and mental load by letting a team of experts handle your insurance assignments. At CLAIMCHECK, we take insurance assignments off your plate so you can devote more time to helping families plan a healing service.

3. Improved Communication

Part of the hassle of dealing with an insurance company is the time it takes to receive an update on the status of the assignment.

The family needs to stay updated while waiting for their policy to be funded. Sometimes, they are waiting on the funds to be able to move forward with the funeral. Waiting to have a service can bring a lot of frustration, which results in the family becoming upset with the funeral home.

The right funeral funding partner will be able to offer you constant updates on the status of an assignment. At CLAIMCHECK, our experts work with insurance companies to stay informed about the status of assignments and relay that information to clients, making communication a simpler process.

Once you have an update on a policy’s status, you can give the family peace of mind by letting them know their funds are on the way.

4. BONUS – Peace of Mind

With quick funding, your funeral home can rest easy knowing the funds are covered. Families receive peace of mind with funding, and your business receives peace of mind knowing that you offer the best service to families. That’s a win-win.

We are ready to partner with you.

Partnering with a funeral funding company, like CLAIMCHECK, can help you save time, protect your budget, and give peace of mind to you and the families you serve. Use a team of experts who can make sure your assignments are taken care of so you can take care of families.

In a recent testimonial, Garrett Cooper, Family Services Counselor at A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral Home & Crematory, shared how beneficial the customer service and communication pieces have been from CLAIMCHECK.

“With CLAIMCHECK, we always have answers for families, which gives our funeral directors confidence and calms families. That’s been key for us.”

We know that you want the best for the families you serve, and we want to be there to help. Using CLAIMCHECK is similar to having an additional staff member committed to insurance assignments, giving you the time to focus on your families.

See how CLAIMCHECK can improve your business so you can continue to improve your service to families.