Why CLAIMCHECK? A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral Home & Crematory

One of Garrett Cooper’s many responsibilities at A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral & Crematory includes handling all their insurance assignments. But before CLAIMCHECK, their funeral funding partner offered limited communication on the status of their policies, creating frustrations for families and Garrett.

Since switching to CLAIMCHECK, A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral & Crematory has enjoyed improved communication on the nearly $125,000 worth of insurance policies they’ve submitted this year.

“With CLAIMCHECK, it really is just communication, communication, communication. We know we’ll get regular communication so our funeral directors and families can stay updated.”

Find out how CLAIMCHECK has helped Garrett and A.S. Turner & Sons Funeral & Crematory better serve families.

How did your funeral home learn about CLAIMCHECK?

We were looking to make a switch for many of our services, including our insurance assignments processor. We were approached by Funeral Directors Life (FDL), and they showed us all their offerings, including CLAIMCHECK. We signed up for several of their services because we wanted everything to be as streamlined as possible. So, signing up for CLAIMCHECK was an easy decision since it lined up with all our other services with FDL.

Did anything stand out to you about CLAIMCHECK that you liked?

CLAIMCHECK’s integrations with FDL and Passare were a huge selling point for us. Those integrations make things easy for us, and we love them. All we have to do is click a few buttons, input some information, and then submit the assignment. From start to finish, the integrations work phenomenally. It’s extremely easy and makes things simple for us.

What was your process for insurance assignments before CLAIMCHECK?

We used a couple of other third-party companies for our assignments in the past. Their process was similar to CLAIMCHECK, but their customer service wasn’t nearly as good. When we had questions or needed policy updates, we couldn’t get ahold of anyone. There were several instances where I had to contact the insurance company myself to find out what was happening because I couldn’t get a response from our side. The communication piece was really lacking. But with CLAIMCHECK, we haven’t had a single problem with communication.

How did that lack of communication affect your ability to serve families?

The lack of communication made it very difficult for us to serve families. Each family is different. One family might be very patient if the policy verification process takes a while, but another family may not be – and who could blame them? It’s a stressful time for families. So, part of our job is to let families know what’s going on with their insurance policy. Families don’t care that our third-party company is taking a little longer to fund their policy. They just know that we can’t move forward with the funeral, so that upsets them and risks them getting upset with our funeral home. With CLAIMCHECK, we always have answers for families, which gives our funeral directors confidence and calms families. That’s been key for us.

If you hadn’t partnered with CLAIMCHECK, what would your funeral home look like today?

Without CLAIMCHECK, we’d have more frustration. Our old process was convoluted, took longer, and didn’t give us much downtime. Sure, we got funded, but it wasn’t worth the headaches. We don’t have to put ourselves in jeopardy anymore. CLAIMCHECK is easy to use, and it’s a better system.

What would you say to another funeral professional interested in CLAIMCHECK?

My recommendation would be regardless of who you’re using for your insurance assignments, it would be in your best interest to check out CLAIMCHECK. They’re concise and efficient, and their communication is outstanding. Those are the key ingredients for making insurance assignment processing easy for most funeral homes. We rarely have to get on the phone with CLAIMCHECK because they frequently keep us updated. The few times we’ve called them, they’ve been helpful and professional. We haven’t had any problems with anyone at CLAIMCHECK. It’s a better product with better customer service, and we like it a lot more than anything else we’ve used.

Looking for a funeral funding partner that values communication?

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