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why claimcheck waldman funeral care


As an agent with Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC), Syd Waldman wanted to ensure all families had financial peace of mind after a loved one’s passing. Once FDLIC introduced CLAIMCHECK, a life insurance assignment service that offers expedited payments on claims, Syd knew he had to give it a try. After experiencing a seamless process, quick payments, and honorable business principles, he is proud that he has partnered with FDLIC and CLAIMCHECK for all these years.

Syd, tell me a little bit about Waldman Funeral Care and your experience with funeral funding.

Waldman Funeral Care is an independent, Jewish-owned funeral service company affiliated with Hardin Family Funeral Home. I proudly serve as the owner and certified funeral service practitioner.

When I needed a funding service, I used the same one that Jimmy Hardin at Hardin Family Funeral Home had been using. It was fine, but I only used that service once or twice.

How did you hear about CLAIMCHECK?

I’ve been an independent preneed agent with Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) since 2011. When CLAIMCHECK was born, at the time, I believe it was known as Directors Choice Assignment Services, and I immediately signed on because CLAIMCHECK is connected to FDLIC.

The very first claim I filed was a policy I had written with FDLIC, and since the agents sat right next to each other, they were able to quickly verify the insurance policy. I faxed the forms to them, and they sent me the money within 20 minutes. I was sold! In fact, most of my claims are quickly processed like that. All I do is give them the policy number, the decedent’s name, sign the two forms, load them, and I get paid. I’ve never used anyone else since.

So, what would you say is your favorite thing about CLAIMCHECK?

The best thing is definitely the expedited payments. With CLAIMCHECK, I get paid immediately, and that’s really what I’m looking for. I’m a small business, and I will do almost anything to be paid immediately and certainly the day before the service. Plus, I have contract employees that I have to pay immediately as well as pay for the opening and closing at the cemetery, the clergy, etc. So, for my business model, it works out really great. I have zero accounts receivable, and I have zero accounts payable older than 30 days. Everything gets paid, and I go to sleep at night and have no worries.


The best thing is definitely the expedited payments. With CLAIMCHECK, I get paid immediately.


That’s great! Besides expedited payments, what’s another benefit of using CLAIMCHECK?

Another benefit is the easy process. CLAIMCHECK has made the process seamless from the time I serve a family and provide the protection they want to the time of their passing. With CLAIMCHECK, I receive those funds immediately to take care of that family. The process is very seamless, and it works.

Another benefit is the fact that everything can be done quickly online. I don’t even have to talk to a human, but if I had to talk to someone, I could easily give them a call! With CLAIMCHECK, all my information is on file, so I do it online. It gets done very quickly, and the funding can happen that same day. I truly was funded in 20 minutes that one time, but usually it’s within an hour or two. Then, they notify me that the money has been transferred to the bank. You can’t ask for more than that!

What would you tell another funeral director or professional about CLAIMCHECK?

I know that CLAIMCHECK operates with Christian principles and that the ownership and management truly believe in their faith to conduct business and in the way they treat their partners. I respect that. It’s a really valid reason to do business with them because that Christian, faith-based philosophy permeates the entire company and the way every employee works. The dedication to their partners is invaluable and makes the company unique. Christian principles and Jewish principles aren’t too different. Knowing how I’m going to be treated and knowing how my families are going to be treated by the company makes me want to stay. That’s a true partnership.



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