5 Ways You and Your Staff can Avoid Mental Burnout

Starting 2023 on the right foot can help your funeral home have another great year. But before you look ahead, it’s important to reflect on 2022 to see how you and your staff can improve. You may have plans for how to better meet with families, use technology, and renovate your facilities, but what about your strategy for maintaining positive mental health?

When you value good mental health, it’ll help you avoid mental fatigue and burnout when serving families. But remember, prioritizing mental health is a daily choice and must be considered an ongoing goal for your funeral home.

Here are 5 easy ways you can maintain good mental health in 2023!

Get outside

Make time to move away from your desk and step outside this year. By doing so, you can physically remove yourself from stress, get some fresh air, and focus on something other than work. Plus, it’ll benefit your body, too!

Give your devices a break

We understand that your work requires you to be on-call at all times. So, we suggest taking a short break from your devices (30 minutes). Briefly pausing your connection to technology can give you a chance to clear your head. Your eyes will thank you, too!

Create an end-of-day ritual

A routine at the end of the day can help your brain transition from work mode to home/rest mode. Come up with a few simple tasks you can do at the end of the day. You could straighten up your desk, clean out your coffee cup, or say goodbye to everyone in the office. Small actions like this will train your brain to slow down, relax, and move away from work mode. (P.S. – If this works for you, try creating a before-bed ritual to help you sleep better!)

Find time to meditate

We all need to check in with ourselves from time to time. Meditating and self-reflection are great ways to gauge your mental health status. Find a few minutes in the morning, during lunch, before you leave, or whenever you want to think about your mental state and emotional health.

Build a support system

Talking to someone about what makes you happy, angry, or stressed is an often-overlooked step in maintaining positive mental health. Expressing your emotions in a healthy way and decompressing can help you feel less weighed down with bottled-up feelings. Especially after a long day of being on the phone with an insurance company, you may just need to vent. Looking for a support system? We can help! CLAIMCHECK can help remove stress from your funeral home and keep you focused on the things that matter.

We hope these tips help you and your staff and that 2023 is another great year of service and care!